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Plumbing Kit for Toyota Hydraulic Release Bearing

Plumbing Kit for Toyota Hydraulic Release Bearing-0

Plumbing Kit for Toyota Hydraulic Release Bearing


Connects our Toyota W Series Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit to your car’s pedal box or engine bay mounted master cylinder.


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The kit consists of:

  • 1metre length of dash 3 braided hose
  • Banjo fitting (90 degree) and 2 x copper washers (3/8 UNF) for master cylinder feed to slave cylinder
  • Banjo fitting (90 degree) and copper washer (3/8 UNF) for slave cylinder to bleed screw
  • Slave cylinder to banjo bolt fitting
  • Extended banjo bolt to fit through both banjo fittings into slave cylinder to banjo bolt fitting
  • Bulkhead fitting (if master cylinder is inside the car)
  • Swivel union (engine bay side of bulkhead)
  • Banjo fitting (straight) and 2 x copper washers (3/8 UNF) and bolt to fit to master cylinder
  • Remote bleed screw with bulkhead fitting

The slave cylinder has only 1 pipe fitting and so hence remote bleeding is carried out by utilising an extension of the feed from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder. Please see the assembly instructions for more information.Please also see this image for an illustration of how to configure the plumbing to allow bleeding. The feed and bleed use the same port with the hose nearest the slave cylinder connecting to the master cylinder and the other hose connecting to the remote bleed screw. Please note the bearing is not included in this kit.

Please see the pipe fitting instructions for more information on how to cut the pipe.

Please note that the slave cylinder must be in a partially compressed form when installed. Fitment of the slave cylinder in the extended state will result in the bearing being forced off the end of the inner shaft when the clutch is depressed. When used in a custom installation please check the actuation of the slave cylinder over the entire clutch pedal stroke.

The slave cylinder and bearing work in a different way to a manual installation in that the release bearing is in constant light contact with the clutch diaphragm fingers. This is achieved by an internal spring within the thrust bearing. There is no need to be concerned that the release bearing is in contact with the diaphragm at all times.

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