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Toyota W Series Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit

Toyota W Series Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit-0

Toyota W Series Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit


This kit utilises a concentric release bearing and aluminium boss, with modification to the standard gearbox nose. The kit comes completed with all fixings required to convert your existing Toyota W series gearbox.


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This kit allows the fitment of a concentric hydraulic release bearing to the Toyota W series range of gearboxes, replacing the original external slave cylinder. The original thrust bearing tube is removed and shortened with the original bolts being substituted for the longer supplied 8mm bolts. The bolts are refitted through the supplied adaptor plate and spacers. The supplied slave cylinder can then be fitted directly to the adaptor plate using the 3 x 6mm bolts in 2 different positions. There is no need to disturb the front gearbox bearing.

To be used in conjunction with our Duratec to Toyota W Series Gearbox

Please note that the slave cylinder must be in a partially compressed form when installed. Fitment of the slave cylinder in the extended state will result in the bearing being forced off the end of the inner shaft when the clutch is depressed.

Note:It is necessary to shorten the original thrust bearing tube and substitute the original bolts for the longer ones supplied. There is no need to disturb the front gearbox bearing.

Please see the Fitting Instructions for more information.

Please see this image for an illustration of how to configure the plumbing to allow bleeding. The feed and bleed use the same port with the hose nearest the slave cylinder connecting to the master cylinder and the other hose connecting to the remote bleed screw. Please note the plumbing is not included. It will be necessary to build your own plumbing kit or purchase the Plumbing Kit for Toyota Hydraulic Release Bearing

Specification and Application

Component Toyota W series Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit
Includes Mounting boss (adaptor plate)
5x spacers
Concentric slave cylinder
3x 6mm bolts and lock washers
5x 8mm bolts and lock washers
Gearboxes Toyota W Series (W56, W58)
Dimensions Cylinder inside diameter: 29.3mm
Open length: 57mm
Compressed length: 47mm
Spacer length 25mm
Mounting plate 8mm thick
Total from the gearbox mounting face to the release bearing face: 101mm open and 91mm compressed
Applications MkI/II Escort
Kit Car

* When using a shallower clutch cover the release bearing may need spacing forward in order to achieve full clutch depression
** To be used with a .625 (5/8″) master cylinder

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

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