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Spigot bearing 10mm internal diameter

Spigot bearing

Spigot bearing 10mm internal diameter


Converts the Zetec SE / Sigma 1.7 VCT crankshaft to accommodate a RWD gearbox. Needed in order to support the longer length of the Type 9 or Rocket input shaft. Fits in standard recess in crankshaft.

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Will be required if using the Zetec SE To Ford Gearbox Bellhousing together with a Puma 1.7VCT engine. This engine has a smaller spigot bearing recess in the crankshaft. You will need to get the Ford Type 9 input shaft turned down to 10mm diameter less clearance to accommodate this bearing. The alternative is to machine the crankshaft spigot bearing recess to 21mm and use our standard spigot bearing.

Internal spigot diameter is 10mm (0.39″)
External spigot diameter is 17mm (0.70″)
Length is 16mm (0.63″)

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Weight 0.1 kg
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