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Zetec SE to Ford Gearbox Bellhousing

Zetec SE to Ford Gearbox Bellhousing-0

Zetec SE to Ford Gearbox Bellhousing


This bellhousing will mate the Ford Zetec SE (Sigma)* engine to the Ford Type E (Rocket) 4 speed or Ford Type 9 (Sierra) 5 speed gearbox.

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The lower edge of the bellhousing is cut away to allow greater ground clearance for kit cars and low slung competition cars. To close the cutout fabricate a simple plate to suit your application and attach with 2 x 6mm machine screws screwed into the pre-tapped holes.

Machined to order (lead time approximately 10 days).

Requires 4 12mm x 1 1/2mm pitch cap head screws

You may also need the spigot bearing that fits directly in the end of the crankshaft ***. The RS2000 Clutch Fork and RS2000 Clutch Release Bearing may also be required.

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Specification and Application

Component Zetec to type E  or type 9 gearbox
Type Bare Casting
Machined on front and rear faces
Tapped to take standard clutch fork (not included)
Engines Ford Zetec SE (Sigma) * 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 & 1.7 Litre
Gearboxes Ford Type E (Rocket) 4 speed
Ford Type 9 (Sierra) 5 speed **
Gearbox to Engine Face 7.32 inch (186mm)
Weight 6 Kg
Applications Kit Cars
Rally/Race – MkI/II Escort, Sierra, Lotus Cortina
Classic Ford

* Zetec SE only. Please note that this bellhousing does not fit the older Zetec E engine (Also badged as a Duratec). Please ensure that you do not have this earlier engine as our bellhousing will not fit. Note the position of the starter motor on the bellhousing shown here and compare to your engine. We will unfortunately have to charge for return postage if you do not identify your engine correctly.
** 2.0l only; the 2.8l gearbox requires an additional adaptor plate due to the longer 1st motion shaft

*** Please note that the 1.7 VCT has an internal crankshaft spigot bearing hole of 17mm diameter instead of 21mm. In this case you will need to have your gearbox input shaft turned down to 10mm and use our 10mm internal diameter spigot bearing..

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg

Customer Reviews

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Dear Sir
Very good job,bellhousing is perfect.Few years ago,I have install a type 9 in my Spitfire MK3" Le mans replica",but i have enough with the old all iron 1300 tuned engine,its why i put the very light 1.6 zetec se.
thank you for the nice bottle opener
Best regards

Bel housing

Next day delivery was brillant can’t fault it

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