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Vauxhall 2.0XE Engine to Ford Gearbox Cable Clutch Bellhousing

Vauxhall 2.0XE Engine to Ford Gearbox Cable Clutch Bellhousing

Vauxhall 2.0XE Engine to Ford Gearbox Cable Clutch Bellhousing


This bellhousing allows the Vauxhall 2.0XE Engine to be connected to the Ford Type E (Rocket 4 sp) and Type 9 (Sierra 5 sp) gearboxes using a cable clutch.


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The bellhousing allows the engine to be installed longitudinally in the vertical position instead of the 7 degrees inclination in the transverse installation.

You may also need the spigot bearing that fits directly in the end of the crankshaft. The RS2000 Clutch Fork and RS2000 Clutch Release Bearing may also be required.

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* The quick release option allows quicker gearbox removal and fitting by moving the 4 internal gearbox to bellhousing bolts to the outside of the gearbox. This allows the gearbox to be removed whilst leaving the bellhousing in place, making a difficult job much easier.

If you do not specify the quick release option you will need 4 of 12mm x 1 1/2mm pitch cap head screws (available here),which are fitted inside the bellhousing into the tapped holes in the front face of the gearbox .

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Specification and Application

Component Vauxhall 2.0XE Engine to Ford Gearbox
Type Bare Casting
Machined on front and rear faces
Tapped to take standard clutch fork (not included)
Clutch Actuation Cable
Gearbox to Engine Face 6.1 inch (155mm)
Options Quick release
Engines Vauxhall 2.0XE (Astra 16V)
Saab B204
Saab B234
Gearboxes Ford Type E (Rocket) 4 speed
Ford Type 9 (Sierra) 5 speed **
Applications Kit Cars
Rally/Race – MkI/II Escort, Sierra, Lotus Cortina
Classic Ford

* Requires bolt holes in gearbox to be drilled in order to work in this manner
** 2.0l only; the 2.8l gearbox requires an additional adaptor plate due to the longer 1st motion shaft

Additional information

Weight N/A



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Julie Jones
Excellent product and service

Offered spot on advice, delivered on time as agreed. Brilliant product.

Paul Hannah
AF4 QUICK RELEASE bell housing to 20Xe to QUAIFE G60 TYPE 9 box, competition deeper release bearing.

The deeper bearing disengage clutch better than standard narrower bearing. N.B I had a problem fitting the G60 gearbox to bell housing. Which was strange as I removed the old AF4 bell housing, measured up hole and found it was not machined very well, so had to machine 0.3mm out to allow it to fit. Once done it fitted. Also had to grind out side of bell housing to allow exhaust manifold to clear, I knew this from last time. To me the raised section that to pivot pin that the clutch arm attaches to is too high, if you reduce this by 4mm you get a better position for the arm. Shame you can’t add photos. If you don’t get it correct you can burn AP Rally clutches out quickly. Mines fitted to MK2 ESCORT RALLY CAR. GOOD BELL HOUSING but casting has too many sharp edges so can crack, as did the last one, rounds would make a strong part.

frank boryszczuk
spot on many thanks well pleased

perfect fit thankyou

Neil Prior
Great Quality Xe to ford bell housing non 7 degree

The quality of the cast is very good, I’m running an Ap twin paddle clutch and found that the clutch arm didn’t go far enough back once the release bearing was fitted, there is plenty of cast to be able to remove some material to enable the clutch to dis engage leaving it still very strong in that area. Very pleased with my purchase and would recommend

Joel Spiteri
Escort Bell Housing

Great item and service.

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