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Millington Diamond Engine to Ford Gearbox

Millington Diamond Engine to Ford Gearbox-0

Millington Diamond Engine to Ford Gearbox


Millington Diamond engine to ford gearbox without starter motor boss.

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Brand new bellhousing, which allows a Millington Diamond engine to be connected to a Ford RWD pattern gearbox. The wall section has been increased and fillets added to the top and bottom engine flanges. The lack of starter motor mounting boss gives more room in the transmission tunnel .Engine end threads are 10mm Hellicoiled.

The slave cylinder mounting boss is machined to allow the the AP Racing CP6859-54 cylinder (not included) to mount straight onto it. Additionally the boss is made thick enough so that the rear face can be machined down to suit the installed clutch height.

Choose the gearbox mounting from either quick release with 10mm hellicoiled holes or clearance for 12mm cap head bolts.

The quick release option allows quicker gearbox removal and fitting by moving the 4 internal gearbox to bellhousing bolts to the outside of the gearbox. This allows the gearbox to be removed whilst leaving the bellhousing in place, making a difficult job much easier. The gearbox is attached to the bellhousing using the original bolts or 10mm cap head screws fitted from the rear of the bellhousing face of the gearbox *.

Specification and Application

Component Millington Diamond Bellhousing
Type Bare Casting
Machined on front and rear faces
Mounting boss which accepts the suit the AP Racing CP6859-54 cylinder (not included)
Gearbox to engine face 7 inch (178mm)
Widest point on front face 354mm
Options Quick release
Engines Millington Diamond
Slave Cylinder AP Racing CP6859-54
Gearboxes Quaife sequential
Drenth sequential
Tractive sequential
Applications Rally/Race – MkI/II Escort

* Bolts pass through the original 12mm threaded bolt holes in the gearbox for a “clearance fit”; it may be necessary to grind a small amount of the gearbox material away in order to clear the bolt heads; the bellhousing is pre-tapped to accept these bolts

Additional information

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