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Duratec Universal Chassis Mounted Engine Kit

Duratec Universal Chassis Mounted Engine Kit-0

Duratec Universal Chassis Mounted Engine Kit


The Duratec Universal Chassis Mounted Engine Kit allows the popular Duratec engine to be fitted in a wide range of RWD vehicles.

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The separate components enable the mounts to be cut and welded to match the engine and chassis combination, particularly where the chassis rails are not completely square. Please click on “More Images” in order to see the completed kit installed in a BMW E36 fitted with a Duratec engine.

The kit comprises of:

  • 2 x engine plates
  • 2 x engine plate to bush tube
  • 2 x bush tubes
  • 2 x bushes
  • 2 x12mm cap head high tensile bolts nuts and washers
  • 4 x chassis mount plates
  • 8 x gussets
  • 8 x 10mm cap head bolts and lock washers
  • 2 x engine plate mounting bolts
  • 2 x dummy bushes (allow the engine mounts to be tacked in place without worrying about melting the rubber bushes – please see the image below)

Please download the fitting instructions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great product as always

Great quality as always this is the 5th time using RWD now & is my go to place for this application.
Thanks Ian who sorted us out

Matthew Burke
Great price and product !

Great quality , clean cuts and easy to assemble ,I had a tig but I bet a mig would be just as easy.
Just two things though , the bushings are a really and I mean really tight fit pressing in , I'd almost suggest honing of the tube possibly to ease the install ,and the holes on the engine side plate could be slightly smaller ,it's quite the gap to fill with a tig , again a mig probably wouldn't have seen an issue.
All in all 100% recommend

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