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Zetec E Billet Steel Oil Pump Gear Set

Zetec E Billet Steel Oil Pump Gear Set

Zetec E Billet Steel Oil Pump Gear Set


New Billet steel oil pump gear set to suit the Ford Zetec Black top 1.8, 2.0, ST170 and Focus RS engines.


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CNC machined from EN24 steel, heat treated and super finished to make them stronger and more reliable.

Fits into a standard oil pump without the need for any modifications, replacing the standard fragile sintered metal gears. Shock caused by high RPM or rapid changes in revs can shatter the OEM oil pump gears causing engine failure. Can be fitted to used or brand new oil pumps.

Suitable for high revving engines, eliminating the need for a dry sump system.

* Not suitable for Silvertop or Zetec SE engines

Specification and Application

Component Billet Steel Oil Pump Gear Set
Type EN24 steel heat treated
Engines * Ford Zetec 1.8
Ford Zetec 2.0
Ford Zetec ST170
Focus RS
Applications Any conversion using one of the above engines

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
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