Ford Zetec E Lightweight Steel Flywheel

Ford Zetec E Lightweight Steel Flywheel

Ford Zetec E Lightweight Steel Flywheel


Ford Zetec E *  lightweight steel flywheel to suit standard 220mm diameter Zetec E clutch cover and Ford 8 1/2″ clutch plate or Ford Pinto 8 1/2″ clutch plate and cover (comes pre-drilled to suit either option). Machined from billet steel, our flywheels feature an integral ring gear. Much lighter than the original flywheel this flywheel is suitable for a standard or uprated Ford 8 1/2″ clutch.


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By reducing the weight of the flywheel over the standard Zetec E item to as little as a half, the resulting reduced inertia gives better acceleration, especially in the lower gears. In addition, the reduced weight at the flywheel edges allows quicker gear changes, and increased engine braking. Comes with integral starter ring (ring gear is machined into the flywheel). Comes with inductive pulse pick-up

Download a Fitting Guidance Notes document.

Specification and Application

Component Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel
Type Dynamically balanced with integral ring gear and inductive pulse pick-up to suit standard or uprated Ford 8 1/2″ 23 spline clutch and Zetec or Ford Pinto cover
Benefits Reduces the weight of the standard Zetec E cast iron flywheel
Weight 5Kg
Engines Ford Zetec E 1.8 and early 2.0L
Clutches Recommended 8 1/2″ Clutch Cover and Friction Disc for fast road up to 150bhp (cover only suitable for Ford Pinto Clutch option)
AP Racing clutch cover CP2511-1** and AP Racing Heavy Duty Clutch Plate CP5352-5 for power greater than 150bhp or competition use.
Applications Kit Cars
Rally/Race – MkI/II Escort, Sierra, Lotus Cortina
Classic Ford
Fast Road

*  Zetec E only. Please note that this bellhousing does not fit the newer Zetec SE engines, which are the 1.4 – 1.7 (Sigma) engines and are usually found in Pumas and Fiestas
** Only suitable if the Ford Pinto Clutch cover is required

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Weight 5 kg

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Ford Zetec Flywheel
Ford Zetec Flywheel