Pinto or Cosworth to Borg Warner T5 Bellhousing

Pinto or Cosworth to Borg Warner T5 Bellhousing

Pinto or Cosworth to Borg Warner T5 Bellhousing


This bellhousing will mate the Ford 2.0L OHC (Pinto) or naturally aspirated Cosworth Engines to the Borg Warner T5 (2WD Cosworth) gearbox.

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Machined to order (lead time approximately 10 days).

You may also need the spigot bearing that fits directly in the end of the crankshaft. The RS2000 Clutch Fork and RS2000 Clutch Release Bearing may also be required. if using these you will require the Clutch Cable Adapter Plate

You may also be interested in our Ford Pinto Lightweight Steel Flywheel.

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Specification and Application

Component Pinto or Cosworth to Borg Warner T5
Type Bare Casting
Machined on front and rear faces
Tapped to take standard clutch fork (not included)
Gearbox to engine face 7 inch (178mm)
Widest point on front face 400mm
Engines Ford 1.6/2.0 SOHC (Pinto)
Ford 1.3/1.6 x/flow
Ford pre x/flow
Lotus Twin Cam
Ford Zetec 1.6/1.8/2.0 *
N/A Cosworth **
BDA series ***
Gearboxes Borg Warner T5 **** Borg Warner T5 information
Applications Kit Cars
Rally/Race – MkI/II Escort, Sierra, Lotus Cortina
Classic Ford

* Please see the FAQs question six for provisos when using the Zetec E engine
** Requires smaller 9 bolt flywheel if using standard crankshaft
*** The starter motor may foul the sump on certain models (ie big wing sump)
**** Fits Sierrra Cosworth T5. The TVR gearbox flange is 4mm smaller in diameter and so will need spacing out. Mustang T5 has a different spline input shaft.
If using a USA or Australian T5 gearbox you may need our 10 spline 1 1/16″ clutch friction plate

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