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Hydraulic Heavy Duty Release Bearing

Heavy duty slave cylinder

Hydraulic Heavy Duty Release Bearing


Concentric heavy duty release bearing. The slave cylinder inlet and bleed should be located vertically and the hydraulic clutch pipe routed through 2 holes drilled in the best location within the bellhousing flange for your application.


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Comprises a high quality cast aluminium slave cylinder and heavy duty all steel sealed ball bearing. Comes complete with a circlip for better attachment to the slave cylinder. The slave cylinder seals can be replaced..

For use with the combination of our Honda K20 And K24 To Ford Type 9 Bellhousing and Honda K20 And K24 Heavy Duty Clutch Cover And Friction Disc Kit.

Before use please carry out a “dry run” checking the actuation of the slave cylinder over the entire clutch pedal stroke. Over extension will result in the bearing being forced off the end of the inner shaft when the clutch is depressed

The slave cylinder and bearing work in a different way to a manual installation in that the release bearing is in constant light contact with the clutch diaphragm fingers. This is achieved by an internal spring within the thrust bearing. There is no need to be concerned that the release bearing is in contact with the diaphragm at all times.

Slave cylinder height 75mm open, and 60mm fully closed

Please specify a flat release bearing for curly finger diaphragm springs and a radiused bearing for flat diaphragm springs. The Honda K20 And K24 Heavy Duty Clutch Cover And Friction Disc Kit uses curly finger diaphragm springs and so requires a flat release bearing.

Use our Plumbing Kit for Honda Hydraulic Heavy Duty Release Bearing to connect the slave cylinder to the master cylinder.

Please see the Honda K20 Engine page for more information.

Specification and Application

Component Hydraulic Heavy Duty Release Bearing
Includes Concentric slave cylinder
Clutches Honda K20 And K24 Heavy Duty Clutch Cover And Friction Disc Kit
Dimensions Centre of the release bearing where the input shaft passes through = 28.5mm diameter.
Bearing outer diameter = 70mm
Bearing inner diameter = 46mm
Thread sizes feed 10 x 1mm
bleed 8 x 1.25mm
Applications MkI/II Escort
Kit Car

* When using a shallower clutch cover the release bearing may need spacing forward in order to achieve full clutch depression
** To be used with a .625 (5/8″) master cylinder

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pete Kiser

Have not installed yet but seems to be very high quality.

Fraa Mullin
T5 release bearing for honda k20 bellhouseing

Ordered before xmass great response as had it in 2days before xmass an great quality thanks

Robert Brown
Exceptional service

Excellent quick service and a quality product.

Can be Rebuilt

I bought this for a heavy duty application. It can be rebuilt with normal O rings and looks a really strong item. It was delivered within 2 days.

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