Honda K20 and K24 to Ford Type 9 Bellhousing

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Honda K20 and K24 to Ford Type 9 Bellhousing


This bellhousing will mate the Honda K20 or K24 engine to the Ford Type 9 gearbox, Ford 4 speed or any sequential gearbox that uses the Ford Type 9 pattern.

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Honda K20 or K24 engine to Ford Type 9 or Type 9 pattern gearbox. The bellhousing is available in quick fit* or standard fitment, which can be chosen below. The bellhousing is pre-drilled to allow 0 degrees (vertical) or the standard 15 degrees alignment.

The bellhousing comes with a mounting boss that accepts our Hydraulic Heavy Duty Release Bearing.

Use our Honda K20 And K24 Heavy Duty Clutch Cover And Friction Disc Kit.

The Honda K20 And K24 Engine To Ford Type 9 Gearbox Spigot Bearing will be required to support the Type 9 input shaft.

We sell a Honda K20 and K24 Engine Bolt Set.

ComponentHonda K20 or K24 to Ford Type 9
TypeBare casting
Machined on front and rear faces
ActuationHydraulic slave cylinder
Gearbox to Engine Face7.48 inch (190mm)
Engine – Honda K20 or K24Honda Civic Type R
Honda Integra Type R
Honda Accord Euro R
Honda Accura
Honda CRV
GearboxFord Type 9 5 Speed
Quaife sequential
Drenth sequential
Tractive sequential
Samsonas H type and sequential
ApplicationsKit cars
Rally / race

* The quick release option allows quicker gearbox removal and fitting by moving the 4 internal gearbox to bellhousing bolts to the outside of the gearbox. This allows the gearbox to be removed whilst leaving the bellhousing in place, making a difficult job much easier. The gearbox is attached to the bellhousing using 10mm cap head bolts fitted from the rear of the bellhousing face of the gearbox

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John D'Arcy
Delighted with the product

Delighted with the product well made.

K20 Bellhousing

Good quality, machined well, bolts straight up.

Robert Brown
Exceptional service

Excellent service and a quality product

Edward Bielinski
K20 bell housing

Very good quick delivery and fits perfectly